Miss Connection

What this is about

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Every day you walk past someone, catch each other’s eye, and you think to yourself, “Wow, they’re really cute, if only we could swap numbers….” And then you both stroll on, and the moment is lost.

Miss Connection is a service that makes use of Twitter to provide a public message board for you to hunt down that person who walked past you. Send @missconnection a message on Twitter, and the world can see it. Describe the person you saw, where and when you saw them. If you’re lucky, they’ll be watching for your message.


How it works

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If you don’t use Twitter, go to http://www.twitter.com and sign up.

Send a public message to @missconnection. (Note: private “direct messages” won’t work).

Your message will appear on @missconnection’s message board. Anyone can see these messages by visiting the board.

Optionally, you can follow the user @missconnection — this will allow you to keep with news. You can stop following her at any time.

You can write anything you like in your message, but your message should include:

  • Your location.
  • A description of the person, so they know it’s them!
  • Anything else you can fit into 140 characters!

There are some conventions for tweeting certain information, such as location. Here are some example messages that might be posted, so you can see the format. The first one is from someone in London, the second from someone in Edinburgh:

L:London Blonde girl wearing pink sunglasses on Aldwych. Can I take you out for cocktails? I was the guy who winked at you :-)

L:Edinburgh Chubby guy on train to Glasgow this morning. I love big hairy men! Fancy a bit of slap and tickle?

Handy links

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First and foremost: Twitter.

Check out @missconnection’s message board on Twitter.

Seen someone hot? Post a public message to @missconnection.